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Professional blocked drain plumbing services in Sandton, Johannesburg and surrounding areas in Gauteng. Unblocking drains for the past 16 years.


At Plumber Sandton, we pride ourselves in having a team of professional, reliable, and the most affordable Johannesburg blocked drain specialists. Not only do we cover Johannesburg area but the whole of Gauteng.

When you use Plumber Sandton, you are taken care of by a professional team which pride itself on the highest quality service. We employ the best plumbers in Johannesburg, they are experienced tradesmen who have been in plumbing industry spanning over 10 years experience. We do not just use any drain plumber in Sandton, our plumbers go through a screening process apart from their academic qualifications, experience is a vital element in plumbing as well as their health records.

  • We can solve your blocked drain plumbing problems on time and efficiently. If tree roots have invaded your pipes, you need a good drain specialist like us to rush to your property because we are nearby. We will unblock your sewer or stormwater drain on the same day!

  • Our plumbers will come to you on time to rectify you problem before it persists causing more damage or alarming a serious health harzard.
  • As much as blocked drains are annoying, they are also as harzadous to health as to causing illness if not attended to in time. We are your local specialists always close to attend to you in time, 24 hours a day. Our 24 hour drain service mean we can solve any blocked drain problem in your property.

How we clear blocked drain

Blockages are caused by either excessive fat, wool or silk deposits and root intrusion. As such, we will not dig around trying to locate the problem. Instead, we use state of the art equipment like drain machines, cameras, and utilising the ensure that we do not cause further damage to your property. We are sure to live your place tidy as if nothing much ever happened. Our policy to invest in the latest technology means that we will clear your blocked drains without digging.


The easiest solution, especially to older buildings, is to repipe with brand new pipes. This is done to eliminate the problem if we detect that it may persist causing very high maintanance costs in the long run.

Let Us Clear Your Blocked Drains Today:

  • Blocked Pipes
  • Blocked Sewer
  • Stormwater Drains
  • Blocked Toilets
  • Blocked
  • Downpipes
  • Blocked Showers
  •  Blocked Gutters


Blogged or clogged drain is a common mishap in many households and pose a health harzard when no action is taken. A blocked drain needs immediate clearing as the flooding will increase. Plumber Sandton are your local expert unblocking specialists. We are here for your plumbing repairs utilising the best and latest drain unblocking machinery that will leave you with a peace of mind. We do not cut corners when we unclog your drains for know so well that if we do, we will create a bad review syndrome that will destroy our reputation. Even so, our plumbers love what they do – fixing pipes.
Installation– In our diagnosis, there may be need for new toilet installation if the old pipes and system are worn out and need a replacement. From flushing system, cirsten, sit to pipes, these may need a replacement by an expert plumber.


At Plumber Sandton, in our years of plumbing, we have leant that there are many causes of blocked drain. From what we know and dealt with, here are some of the causes that we have come across.



Continued use of toilet paper or tissue causes it to pile up with time until the pipe is blocked. Make sure you remove anything near the toilet to avoid tissue falling in by mistake and avoid children playing with it. Keep it out their so avoid such unnecessary waste of resources.

Menstrual Pads-

 Sanitary pads are big in size and clog the toilet pipe easily as they do not dissolve in water. Their also the necessity of an experienced plumber to unblock it. In a case like this, use plastics and dump in the dust bin. It is also costly in most cases to unlog a toilet caused by mestrual pads than toilet tissue as it may require a specialist plumber to disintergate the pipes and replace them again.


The risk posed by tampons is that they flash but will not dissolve faster in water. For those who use tampons, like menstrual pads, use an alternative method to throw them away as they are not suitable for flashing in toilet. Tampons may be labour intensive if they follow down the pipe, some meters away, before they pile, causing a blockage.

Sanitary Napkins-

Just like the above, sanitary napkins will not disolve in water and my cause unnecessary high plumbing costs. We utilise proper drains unblocking machines to cater for such plumbing problems at affordable costs.

Combed hair-

Hair forms crystal roll over time when flashed. The balls grow into a massive size down the pipes causing a serious blockage that need only a specialist plumber to attend to it. The risk of posed by hair down the water pipes is something that can be avoided to counter such unnecessary plunging costs.

Root invasion-

Through the small invisible cracks in pipes, roots force their in, with time, and start blocking any flushed material, mostly the tissue and pile it. A common sign of root invasion is the gurgling sound soon after flashing. Specialised root drain machine is used to unblock this kind. It will also require the replacement of new pipes as the old ones will be damaged.


Soap may seem to pose a less risk in causing a blocked drain but is a risk after all. Before calling a plumber, make sure you have tried unblocking it yourself by pouring hot water, not very hot, down the pipe. Very hot water may break the existing pipe causing more damage and leaks to the pipes. Pour the water in the bowl, wait for at least 5-10 mitutes for the water to sink in. Most likely, the water will move down the sink and wash everything away. Good luck in your endeavour!


Most of us may not realise that often we come from outside and rush to the bathroom with dirt on our foot and just wipe them in the shower. This trend is very common but cause a serious blocked drain. As dirt like soil underfoot may pile in the pipes, there will need a specialist plumber to fix them.

It is ideal that you get rid of dirt like mud or debris outside the house and save the shower or tub to do the task.


Foreign objects especially brought along by children may pose a serious threat on drains. Those little fish and balls for them flow along the drain and pile up. These can be avoided making a follow up on children and making sure that they always play not around any sink, tub and shower.


Another cause of blocked drain is hard water in pipes due to mineral build up. You will need a water softener to remove the build up. If you have none, rather try removing it yourself.


Like anything else, toothpaste, in the long run, pile up causing a blocked drain. It paramount that before calling a plumber, buy some chemicals to pour on your drains to retain the flow again if possible.


Some, if not all beauty products cause a blocked drain in the long run. The foundations of the products coat the pipes and build up. These combine with stuff like hair and formulate a blockage in the pipes.

Why choose us for your blocked drain:

• The Latest Drain Cleaning equipment from our local supplier
• We are flexible and work for you to get the plumbing outcome you want.
• Our team is friendly and aim to be your trusted plumbing company
• We are focussed on getting the job done right the first time.
• We’re your “One Call Trade Specialists”, meaning we can help you with all your plumbing trade needs.
• We have been trading for over 15 years and have built a reputation you can trust


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