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We have over 16 years of experience in the area assisting customers with their geyser repair needs.


Plumber Sandton offers complete geyser repair, replacement, and installation service. We specialize in residential and commercial geyser repair and replacement services throughout the entire Johannesburg, Pretoria and throught Gauteng. Living without a working geyser is not a thing you would appreciate nor justify yourself about. Whether you need geyser repairs or a brand new system installation, Plumber Sandton is the company you can trust.

Not getting enough hot water? Have a leaking geyser? Call +27677781805 for geyser repair and installation Plumber Sandton.

What’s Causing Your Geyser Problem?

The following are some of the factors contributing to geyser problems in your home or office:

Leaking geyser:

There could be water leaking out of the geyser. Although this will not affect the water temperature, this is a serious problem that affects the efficiency of the geyser system. The cause of the leak can be a crack in the geyser which will require a whole unit replacement or a poorly-fitted part that can be repaired.

Broken timer: 


If you have a geyser, a lack of hot water may signal that its timer has gone out. We will help you diagnose the problem and get your water heater started again.

Broken thermostat :


Geysers feature a thermostat, which can limit your hot water supply if broken. We will diagnose the error with your thermostat and determine if a repair or replacement is the better solution for you.

Geyser Repair

Be it a dump on the ceiling, a leak or dripping pipes, we are able to quickly identify the problem and provide you with a Sandton geyser repair at reasonable costs. Get in touch with us for a 24 hour geyser repair service. We are the sole provider of geyser installation, maintenance, repairs, and replacement in the Sandton area. 

Unlike blocked drain, a geyser repair may be more complicated as it may require uninstalling the components of a geyser hanging on the wall or on top of roof. Fixing a geyser requires the knowledge of an experienced plumber.  


Leaking Geyser

The cause of a leaking geyser at the bottom, mainly, is due a crack or a fracture that comes as a natural cause. When so, repairing it may be a waste of time, it needs replacement with a new one. Even,a flex line, fitting or a plumbing part attached to the water geyser may cause a water heater to leak. In this case the geyser can often be repaired.

No Hot Water

  • Check if the power has been turned off to the unit.
  • Check if the circuit breaker is on, if its tripped you may need to contact an electrician.
  • Has there been a power cut, may need to wait until the unit heats up again
  • Has the hot water been used up, if peak electricity you my have to wait 1-2 hours to reheat or if off-peak, wait until morning and test again
  • Is the geyser leaking or burst
  • Tempering valve may be faulty, contact Plumber Sandton for further help

Geyser Installation Johannesburg

If, in most cases, your geyser is over 10 years, it may be good to consider replacing it with a new to avoid recurring costs in the long run. As such, it is likely beyond repair or you’re ready to upgrade, we will present you with options for geyser replacement in Johannesburg and all over Gauteng residents along with expert installation.

When to see your geyser needs attention:

We never take geyser into much consideration until something unusual happens to it. On order to avoid a potential mishap, always take a closer look at your geyser for any signs of mulfuction and call a repair technician in time. Ask yourself these question, thats where Plumber Sandton come in handy:

• Why is my geyser making that knocking sound

• Why does my geyser light keep going out

• Why is there standing water under my geyser

• Why are my geyser pipe on the wall dripping

• Why is my ceiling or wall dump

• Why is the water coming out little or not enough

• Why is my geyser fluctuating between cold and hot water

• Why does my geyser keep shatting up

Our hot water repair services include:

• Geyser broken hot water thermostats

• Geyser broken heating element

• Geyser hot water leak

• hot water geyser service

• Geyser broken hot water tempering valve

• no hot water or inadequate hot water

• leaking hot water cylinders

• water leaking from the pressure release valves

• Geyser pilot lights out

• broken geyser systems

• broken fuse or circuit breaker

• Geyser rust coloured water

• Geyser broken hot water valve

• broken hot water tank


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